6 Best Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs ?

The Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs have gained popularity over the last couple of years as dog owners seek easy ways to keep their pet’s teeth healthy and clean. The chews are well-known to boost dental care for dogs by removing tartar and plaque and freshening their breaths. They also love and appreciate chews! For starters, pet dental chews include the form of ridges, nubs, or other rough ingredients that scrub and massage your dog’s gums,

Improving his teeth’ health they could also come with polyphosphate-coated coatings to aid in the elimination of tartar as well as plaque from your dog’s mouth. Apart from scraping away plaque and tartar, chews on their teeth can also eliminate bad breath in dogs, mainly if the smell is food particles that have been trapped. The chews also alleviate the discomfort that is associated with teething.

Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs :

Dental chews improve dental hygiene in dogs by maintaining their gums and teeth healthy. Those with sensitive stomachs cannot consume any chews they find. Dental chews composed of low-quality ingredients could cause digestive problems for your pet. If your dog is exposed to the stomach, it is recommended to select chews that won’t cause stomach upset.

The ingredients are essential when searching for top dog chews that are safe for sensitive stomachs. Dental chews are suitable for sensitive stomachs.

They must be made from natural ingredients and be free of additives, gluten colorants, and preservatives, all of which are recognized to cause stomach upsets and other health issues for dogs.

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog Oral Chews :

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog Oral Chews

The first chew for your dog that we recommend can be described as Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Chew due to its ability to remove plaque and tartar at the front and the back of your dog’s teeth and its distinctive Z-shape. Its ingredients are corn cobs, corn starch, and Glycerine, making it the most effective tooth chew for pets allergic to wheat gluten. Although it’s not packed with minerals and vitamins, it is high in probiotics and proteins, making it among the healthiest chews you could ever buy for your dog teeth.

Greenies Natural Dental Dog Treats :

greenies natural dental dog treats

One of the top-selling dental treats for dogs currently, this treat comes from Greenies and is available in 4 sizes. The teenie size is suitable for dogs weighing 5 to 15 pounds. The smaller size is ideal for dogs weighing 15-25 pounds. There are sizes available for dogs that weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and for large breed dogs or dogs that weigh more than 50lbs.

The dog treat is a natural one with a chicken flavor, which is a treat for dogs. It also has a distinctive texture that assists in cleaning your gumline to fight tartar and plaque and freshening the smell of dogs. The toothbrush-shaped shape of the treatment is an additional benefit, too, which can attract even the most demanding dogs.


* It is available in four sizes.

* Natural poultry flavor

* The distinctive texture that encourages plaque and tartar removal

* Toothbrush shape that’s attractive to dogs of all breeds.


* So delicious that dogs could be tempted to eat them straight away

* A bit expensive

In terms of the ingredients, Greenies Natural Dental Chews are made with all-natural ingredients making them an excellent option for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. Additionally, it offers an impressive mix of micronutrients and macronutrients to increase its benefits for health.

The chew is designed like an ordinary toothbrush. It is unique in its texture, making it more efficient in removing food particles accumulated in your dog’s mouth and keeping plaque and tartar from building up.

Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care Treats :

Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care Treats

Purina makes high-quality products across the U.S. This chewable dog treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs is a good instance. It has a chicken flavor which is exceptionally delicious for dogs. The firm consistency and distinctive ridges in this chew assist in removing plaque and tartar from your pet’s teeth. It provides your dog with fresh breath and overall better oral hygiene.

Like the one before it, this dog treat comes in three sizes. It also comes with an apricot flavor which is very appealing for our furry friends. Additionally, the joys have an incredibly chewy texture that keeps dogs interested. There are ridges in the treats designed to help remove tartar and plaque while promoting fresh breath in dogs.

Purina is a well-known brand which means you can be sure of the high quality of this dog food. It has also been scientifically confirmed to be 57 percent effective in reducing tartar and consequently improving dogs’ breath.


* Comes in different sizes

“Chicken flavor” is delicious for dogs.

* Chewy texture, which draws attention to canines

* Is a trusted brand


* A little small for large dogs.

* Some dogs may devour them very quickly

Zuke’s Z-Bone Dog Dental Chews :

Zuke's Z-Bone Dog Dental Chews

The forth Dental Chews for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs would be Zuke’s Z-Bone Dental Chews. They are made of natural ingredients and are free of the components suspected to trigger sensitivities in dogs like corn, soy, gluten, and corn. As with other dental chews we’ve included in this list of options, they are infused with incredible textures and are specifically designed to aid in cleaning your pet’s gums and teeth.

They are also made using natural herbs like Parsley, Fennel, and Alfalfa to help freshen up your dog’s breath. This allows you to pet your dog and enjoy your time without worrying about bad breath.

N-Bone Get Naked Digestive Health Dental Chew Sticks :

N-Bone Get Naked Digestive Health Dental Chew Sticks (1)

These dental chewing sticks from N-Bone are made to encourage the health of your digestive system, clean your breath and get rid of plaque from dogs. It contains prebiotics that helps to keep the digestive tract in top condition. This, in turn, encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in the dog’s body. This helps the digestive system function properly by shielding the digestive tract from harmful bacteria.

The dog can safely eat it because it is gluten-free. It’s also free from corn, wheat as well as soy. The main ingredients are cinnamon and chicken, which is effective in freshening breath. However, the mild minty smell of cinnamon can make this chewing stick seem a bit strange for dogs with sensitive noses.


* Help to remove tartar and plaque

* Freshens breath

* Helps to promote good bacteria in the gut.

* Long-lasting in comparison to the other pet treats

* Calorie-wise, low in calories


* Packaged inside a small bag

* It smells strange for picky dogs.

Best Bully Sticks :

best bully sticks

The dog dental chewing treats are guaranteed to delight even the pickiest dog. The chewy sticks aren’t just delicious but also sturdy and last for a long time. So, expect these sticks to work well in removing plaque and tartar.

This treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs is excellent at eliminating tartar and plaque but also helps ensure healthy eating habits. It’s packed with protein, as well as other vital vitamins. It’s also free of coloring, additives, and other chemical compounds.


* Appetizing to most dogs since it is made of beef

The Bully Sticks are strong and last a long time.

* Effective for tartar and plaque removal

* Contains protein and vitamins.

* Safe and digestible for puppies


* So delicious that dogs could eat the entire meal in a matter of minutes

* Expensive

Ingredients to Avoid When Choosing Dental Chews :

Before we go on to the best part, Let’s begin at the beginning: the ingredients. If you take a close look at the components you must avoid, you can be sure that your pet is well-behaved and content.

Grain/ Gluten :

Food allergies are among the most frequent allergies that can affect dogs. Gluten and grain are two of the most frequently encountered food allergies. Contrary to other allergies, food allergies aren’t likely to trigger an immediate reaction, or at least not in the extreme. The dog might be sensitive to food items that he has been eating since the age of a puppy. This is due to the production of antibodies in reaction to a substance present in the food, which is essential for the development of an allergy.

Chemicals, Preservatives, and Additives :

Chemicals and preservatives are ingredients that are challenging to spot in a variety of pet food products. If you choose to take a look at the back, the names of the elements appear like they’re foreign enough to be found with just a Google search. Therefore, whether you intend to do so or not, young children consume preservatives and chemicals in their food.

Preservatives are absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream and come into contact with molecules; they become poisonous. Like grain and gluten, the chemicals and preservatives in food do not manifest their effects through a severe reaction. The damage occurs in the years to come. They impact your dog’s health by reducing its lifespan without any signs surfacing. Many pet owners only figure this out once it’s already too late.

Heavy Processing :

There’s been much discussion on the issue of the high amount of processed and less processed food. Do we really need to be worried about it? In short, it is.

Let’s consider the commercial brand as an illustration. They must replenish the shelves of hundreds of thousands of stores. The only way to satisfy demand and meet deadlines is to process their food items so that their brands are regularly stocked and readily accessible to consumers anytime. If the product claims to have nutrients derived from natural components, what will happen after transforming them?

The nutrients are only preserved if they are not altered. Processing that is too intensive changes the nature of the ingredient, and it sucks away the nutrients naturally present. As the product ends the production line, the only thing left is dried-up and processed food with no nutritional value.

This is the reason commercial brands must return and include preservatives. Preservatives are basically “artificial nutrients” which allow the company to make claims of being “healthy” in their labels to draw consumers’ attention.

The most beneficial thing to buy your dog is natural toys and treats that are safe and produced without preservatives, chemicals, or other additives. What can you do to determine if treats are harmful or not? There are two methods to ensure that your pet consumes only the highest high-quality ingredients available by examining the list of ingredients and choosing to purchase hand-crafted high-quality, human-grade food items instead of mass-produced treats.

Here we Have some Dental Treats :

Hard Bars made of Yak as well as Cow Cheese :

They are durable chews for teeth from Dogsee Chew, which are protein- and calcium-rich to help promote good dental hygiene. They are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, ensuring you pick the right size for your pet. Alongside the regular bar, Dogsee Chew has Turmeric Hard Bars, which contain turmeric and curcumin, powerful natural antioxidants that aid in preventing tartar and plaque buildup and help keep your dog’s breath clean.

These hard chews are perfect for keeping your dog engaged for a prolonged period of time. Contrary to other rawhides or dental chews, they are made of natural yak and cow cheese; therefore, they’re tough enough to go into the crooks and crevices of their teeth and eliminate all gunk. However, they’re soft enough that it melts in their mouths.

Puffed Treats made out of Yak as well as Cow Cheese :

Dogsee Chew’s chewy treats are chewy dental treats that are heated just a little to create that perfect crunch. Because they’re heated slightly, they create uneven shapes. These edges make tartar and plaque removal simple. These snacks are great for keeping your dog’s coat shining and healthy.Take care when giving your dog chew treats for sensitive stomachs

Like every other chew for dogs, you must be sure to supervise your dog while the dog is enjoying his chews. This will enable you to aid your dog in case they are choking, as well as observe the chewing habits of your dog.

Never over-indulge in edible dental chews. While offering your dog chews with dental frequently will boost the results you want from chews, they also provide more calories than is suggested for your pet. Talk to your veterinarian before adding dental chews to your dog’s diet routine.It is essential to read the label on the chew carefully to ensure you feed your dog only a little.

A portion of high-quality dog food is an excellent method to avoid the accumulation of tartar and plaque. Be sure to be aware of the quality and source of the food you offer your pet. You can also put liquid ingredients in the bowl of water for your dog to help prevent the accumulation of tartar and improve your dog’s overall health. Nylabone’s Advanced Liquid Tartar Remover is the perfect illustration.

Vet-recommended Dog Chews for Small Dogs :

Have you ever searched for your most loved footwear only to discover them ripped to shreds by what appears to be tiny wolf predators? We’ve all had that experience. Chewing is a favorite activity for dogs, and at times, it means that they’ve chewed things that might not have been designed for chewing. Chewing is an instinctual behavior for dogs. It not just provides them with mental stimulation but also assists in helping to clean their gums and teeth.

Many pet owners see that their pet loves chewing and purchase many “chew-approved” toys and food choices at their local pet store. Like most things in life, it is only proper that some chews are created to be the same. There are some fantastic chews available that dogs love, but some might be very hazardous to your pet’s health.

Finding the ideal dog chew is particularly difficult. There are many chews available in larger sizes to accommodate larger breeds and giant breeds to chew on, but not be small dogs enjoy them as well. Although they can be challenging to locate, there are a few good chews for small canines to enjoy.

As a dog nutritionist, I understand that giving dogs an appropriate and safe way to indulge at their heart’s content is crucial. I wanted to know the most effective chews for dogs of small sizes,

Dog Chews Are a Good Choice for Dogs :

Chewing is part of the nature of dogs, particularly young dogs and puppies. They chew due to a variety of reasons since chewing can improve their physical, but also mental health too. Chewing can also be an opportunity for dogs to explore the world! Be aware that when your dog chews holes in your socks or tears up the throw pillow, they’re not trying to make fun of you. There may be a motive behind the destruction.

Cleans teeth :

Are you ever excited to go to the dentist? For dogs, it’s even worse. Simple dental cleaning at the vet requires anesthesia and can be extremely painful. If your teeth are in poor enough condition, they might need to be removed. Suppose this is a cost-effective procedure, and dog dentures have no alternative. What’s the best home dental treatment for your dog to avoid going to the dentist?

In addition to destructive breath gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal diseases caused by plaque and tartar buildup can cause inflammation and redness of the gums and tissue around them. This is extremely painful for dogs and can result in a dog refusing to consume food. Dental disease can also affect most dogs, and the estimates suggest that about an 80percent of dogs exhibit symptoms of dental disease at some point during their lives.

All dogs are at risk of developing dental diseases. However, certain breeds, specifically smaller species, are particularly vulnerable to developing dental issues. The teeth of a small dog are less crowded and more diminutive than dogs with more prominent teeth, which makes them harder to brush.

Chewing on food is a great way to help promote healthy oral health. Chewable toys and treats wrap around the dog’s teeth. At the same time, it chews, gently rubbing the edges and the base of the teeth, naturally removing tartar and plaque. They also help alleviate pain and inflammation during teething puppies!

Reduces stress and anxiety :

When I’m worried or stressed, I cannot stop fidgeting. The same is true for dogs. If they’re stressed out, they will chew. This may be because they’re afraid of being left alone or worried during a storm. No matter the cause, munching on food is an outlet for dogs to release anxiety.

“Mastication” chewing or chewing can help to ease your pup’s anxiety and keep them away from the things that make them anxious. It’s because chewing can help reduce cortisol levels in general (one of the genes associated with the stressed response) by dominating salivary cortisol levels and decreasing cortisol levels induced by stress in the blood and the autonomic nervous system’s reactions to stress.

Enhancement and stimulation of the mind :

It’s a significant issue for pets living in houses. We, humans, are busy, and often, our pets need more stimulation and interactions as they’d prefer. Giving them something to chew can keep them entertained and ensure their mind is active.

Chews are like puzzles to your pet. They have to determine the best method of chewing and, sometimes, even turn to play. It’s a great option. You can keep the dog entertained and engaged. A chewer’s mental stimulation can help you make your dog tired even when they’re not physically active. This is ideal for rainy days or when your dog suffers from any health issue that might hinder them from engaging in too much physical activity.

 Best chews to give small dogs :

Bully sticks :

Bully sticks are a popular chew. Made of 100% naturally produced bull pizzle, these sticks are very low in calories and very minimally processed. They’re not the most long-lasting chew, but they are nevertheless much more durable than a typical dental chew or sweet treat. We also love bully sticks because they taste great and are available in various sizes.

Yak chews :

Yak chews are an interesting new product that is available. They are made of cheese made from either yak or cow’s milk. The milk is made into a chew that is hardened. Dogs enjoy the taste of these. We received the smallest amount, but it seemed to be quite significant for a dog of a smaller size. The good thing is that this snack can last for a highly long time. The best thing about it is that when your dog is close to the end of its treatment, you can take the remaining piece, soak it in warm water, and then put it on the stove for the cheese puff!

Gorilla chew :

Gorilla chews are ideal for dogs that like to chew on sticks without fear of choking or getting sharp splinters! They are made of natural java wood, which is sustainably harvested—as with the yak-based chews; finding a small size for this type of chew took a bit of work. One advantage of this kind of chewing is that it doesn’t need to be concerned about the additional calories, and it’s ideal for maintaining the health of your gums and teeth!

Beef jerky :

Perhaps the most delicious chew we have included, Beef jerky is an excellent choice for people who have a preference. It is made of dehydrated meat trimmed and cut to any size you want. The downside of beef Jerky is that it might not last as long as other chews.

Finding safe dog chews suitable for aggressive chewers is a challenging task. Even the most effective dog chew toys available on the market could become the victim of an over-exuberant dog’s jaws. It’s often easy to figure out what type of chews can keep your pet safe from injury by accident or displaying violent behavior.

When you are choosing a type of chew to satisfy your abrasive chewer, it’s essential to know the different kinds of chews that are available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Dogs who tend to chew chews that are not edible are typically the best option. Sure chews come with compartments where you can keep food items for your dog. This is a fantastic option to provide your pet with an enjoyable treat without the risk that comes with edible chews. These chew toys usually offer an additional level of challenge for your pet and require that they work to get their food. This is an excellent method to make soft dog treats last longer for aggressive chewers.

What are the dangers of chewing dog treats that are edible?

For aggressive chewers, selecting the right chew to eat can be challenging. Most aggressive chewers don’t know their limits and are often destructive. Soft chews, for example, dental treats, are gobbled up fast and offer minimal entertainment for your pet.

However, there may be better choices than stronger chews for your pet. Some chews with a hard texture have a higher chance of injury and may make it difficult to chew for pets. Bones may break and cause harm to the mouth of your pet as well as its digestive tract.

Although this is usually observed with cooked bones, it’s still a danger when feeding raw bone to an aggressive chewer. In addition, aggressive chewers tend to gulp these sweets. The chews are dense and should be consumed slowly with time. If you finish the chew too fast, it could cause diarrhea or other indications of digestive discomfort.

Best Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers :

This is the Top Dog Chews Premium Large Antler chews are shed antlers of North American elk, moose, and deer. They are 100% natural. Their tough outer shells help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and healthy. Even those who are chomping will need some time to chew through these.

Antlers aren’t high in fat and are free of bleach and other harmful chemicals. Although they’re low in fat, they are naturally rich in minerals, including calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and magnesium, making excellent nutritional supplements for your dog. They can be fed safely, assuring you that you’re not causing any permanent or temporary injury to your pet.

You will receive a mix of antlers inside bags, which may comprise large and small pieces. Therefore you won’t be allowed to feed the smaller antlers to more giant breeds of dogs. However, they’re the most effective dog chews for aggressive chewers because they’re 100% natural and are free of harmful substances.

Pros :

* Good for dental hygiene

* Rich in essential minerals

* Natural chews for aggressive chewers

Cons :

* There is no control over the size of the pieces of antler .

Hartz Chew ‘n Clean Chew Toy – Best Value :

Hartz Chew 'n Clean Chew Toy - Best Value (1)

The Hartz Chew and Clean 3270005415 Dog Chew Toy is made of polished fiber, shaped like an animal bone. It comes with a bacon-flavored snack in the center, which contains ingredients that can reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque as small, round nubs gently rub the gums. Once you’ve given your dog one of these treats, you’ll be able to agree that they are the most effective dog chews available for chewers who are aggressive to save money.

The only issue we encountered with these chews was that a few of our dogs could chew them up very quickly.


* Bacon flavor treat

* Containing ingredients that help lower plaque

* Nubs massage gums


* Dogs can easily chew through it

Pawstruck Monster Braided Chew Stix – Premium Choice :

The Pawstruck MBBS09-001 Monster Braided Chew Stix is our most famous selection of chews designed for the most aggressive chewers. The Monster chew toy connects eight standard bully stick chews to make one of the market’s most significant and durable chews. It is free of artificial ingredients or preservatives made from chemicals, and it assists in cleaning your pet’s teeth when they chew.

It was expensive. However, so long as it’s too large for your pet to put into their mouth or carry, you’ll probably find it lasting. There was no scent at first, but once your pet chews for a while, the snack can give off a strong smell.

Pros :

* No artificial ingredients, chemicals, or other substances

* Cleans teeth

* Eight chews twisted together

Cons :

* Bad smell

Pet Parents Gnawtlers :

The Pet Parents Gnawtlers brand of dog chews is a natural product made of the natural antlers of elk. There’s no processing and no bleaches, chemicals, or bleaches to keep the chew intact. When the antler has reached the appropriate size, it’s sealed in a vacuum to ensure maximum freshness.

The dogs we tested them on enjoyed the antlers very much; In some instances, we received large pieces and felt we had an excellent deal, but in others, the antler was small and was not worth the price.

Pros :

Natural antlers

* Vacuum sealed

Cons :

* Inconsistent antlers

Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy :

The Benebone 808600 Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is an extremely tough nylon food toy designed for the hardest chewers. The nylon is infused with a distinct bacon taste that is infused into every bone.

The dogs we tested were able to play with this toy for an extended period before they needed to replace it. However, chewing on it more than once made sharp edges in the bone, which could cause bleeding gums. We also want to be aware that they are tough to chew; even a tiny dog might break or chip the tooth while chewing the toys.

Pros :

* Real bacon flavor

* Durable nylon

Cons :

* Can create sharp edges

* Might be too hard for certain dogs ‘ teeth.

Nylabone Dura Chew Dog Toy :

The Nylabone Dura Chew Pet Toy features a ring-shaped dog toy from a highly-rated dog chew toy maker. The toy has an all-natural flavor and a unique ring shape. The ring has a variety of sizes of nubs to help get rid of tartar as the pet chews.

While playing with the chew toys, our team noticed that our dogs with larger sizes could quickly break the ring. When the ring has been damaged, and the dogs start to chew away, chunks could be sucked up. They worked better for puppies of large breeds and small dogs.

Pros :

* Durable nylon

* Ring shape

* Nubs aid in cleaning teeth

Cons :

* Not very durable.

* Only for dogs with smaller breeds.

Pet Qwerks BBS3 BarkBone :

Pet Qwerks BBS3 BarkBone

Pet Qwerks BBS3 BarkBone is an animal chew toy with a unique stick shape that dogs will naturally consider a toy. Its form makes it easy to pick up by your pet, and the sturdy nylon material should stand well to some hard chewing without breaking up or shattering.

The bones enthralled our dogs; they can be fun to throw around the yard. However, our bigger dogs could take them down quickly as they began chewing. They did last a little longer when we handed them out to our more miniature puppies and dogs; however, we would not recommend them for big dogs.

Pros :

* Stick shape

* Designed to be easy to grab

* Durable nylon

Cons :

* Doesn’t last long

* Not for big dogs

Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide :

Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide

The Pet Factory 78128 Beefhide is a larger chew for dogs that is 7-8 inches long. It’s a rawhide chew braided and filled with peanut butter flavoring. The braided shape makes the chew toy more enjoyable for your pet. It can also help clean teeth and eliminate tartar.

We were not happy that this chew was made of rawhide since it is an entirely natural and long-lasting chew and poses an extremely high risk of choking your pet. In addition to the danger of blocking, the chew contains peanut butter flavor and caramel coloring coatings. The coatings can wear off in a short time, and the caramel color can stain carpets or rugs.