How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last?

As a general rule, most commercial dog food tends to last 12-18 months after the date of manufacture. However, remember that once the packaging has been opened, this is reduced to few weeks. If you’re unsure whether or not your food has passed its expiry date, you can usually smell an off odor when you open up the bag or container. The question is how long does dry dog food last. Try these tips to store dry dog food for Long-Term  .

How do you know if your dog food has gone bad ?

There are many apparent signs indicating dog food has gone bad  but other characters aren’t as easily noticeable if you aren’t particularly attentive. Look closely for tiny sprouts when looking over an older cup of dog food to ensure it’s not rancid. If the food has turned a different color or green, this is a sure sign that it’s gone wrong – and you shouldn’t give it to your puppy!.

The final sign that the food has gone sour is when you notice that your dog isn’t eating it. The reason why dogs eat is so that they can sustain and replenish their bodily energy reserves to keep them healthy, so if they are not eating it and seem bored by what’s in front of them or even see it as repulsive, then something isn’t right, a replacement for the food will be required!

As a dog owner, you must ensure that your dog eats the right food to stay healthy. The ingredients in their diet are an essential part of this, and you need to ensure that these ingredients are stored away from light and heat to prevent a negative effect on your pets’ well-being.

Because many owners overlook this aspect and other aspects, such as ensuring their dogs have access to clean water, there have been issues with pet health. Many owners see their animals fall ill from consuming stale or damaged food products.

Dry dog food is an ideal choice, not only because you can buy large bags at a time and save money but also because high-quality dry dog food gives your dog the essential nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy.

The issue is that. Just as human food, dry dog food also can degrade over time when exposed to heat, air, and moisture. When you store the food your dog eats appropriately, you can ensure that it’s as fresh and healthy as it was on the day you bought it.

Keep It in the Original Bag.

Always keep your dog’s food fresh and edible using the original packaging! Dog food bags are designed specifically for long-term storage and keeping the food fresh, so placing the opened bag into an airtight container or resealable plastic bag is best. This will protect the kibble from becoming stale and from possible moisture, which can cause molding. Also, it’s essential to not forget about reading all of the contents on the dog food packaging as that is information you may need in case your dog becomes sick or during a product recall.

Use an Airtight Container.

To keep your food fresh and protect it from contamination, moisture, and pests, we recommend storing it in a container to prevent these things from happening.

Is it ok to store dog food in a plastic container?

How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last

Plastic containers are light, affordable, and resistant to breakage. We suggest storing the food in Glass when you have dogs; certain plastics can release substances into your pet’s food. Please ensure they’re free of BPA when storing your food in a plastic container.

They are also easily damaged and harbor bacteria and mold much easier than Glass with regular cleaning and maintenance. Glass is perfectly safe for your dogs to consume as there is no risk of toxic chemicals entering their system.

Clean Your Container.

When choosing a storage container for your food, it is crucial to keep the container clean. These containers should not be left dirty, even after thorough rinsing, because bacteria can hide in crevices and metal tubes. After making food, brush out any residue and ensure the container is dry before refilling, as leftover moisture can quickly cause mold to grow.

Use within six weeks of Opening. Regardless of the expiration date for your food, we suggest using it within 6-8 weeks of its opening date. While certain food items can last longer if stored properly, there is a greater likelihood that the food will become rancid or stale following this period. You have the option of using your discretion. If the food is stored correctly dry dog food last long term .

Can I store dry dog food in the fridge?

When storing dry dog food, the key is keeping pests away by sealing them off in a bug-proof seal or container. Your best bet is to hold it in a sealed bag so that if any problems get into it, they can be contained almost like in a plastic “cage”. We recommend placing your dog’s food portions into smaller bags so you have the flexibility to use only what you need.

Food in bulk tends to get stale because air is unable to circulate effectively. Remember this when you are trying to decide how much dog food you will need for their supply and whether or not vacuum-sealed bags would benefit your situation.

Did you know that you can freeze fresh dog food in containers, defrost it and still have a good quality meal? This is one great way to ensure your dog never goes without anything nutritious to eat. It’s better for their system since each meal contains only the required nutrients instead of many ingredients. If this sounds good, consider giving Spot & Tango frozen treats a try!

Avoid Mixing Old Food and New Food.

Refilling a half-empty container with similarly packaged food is tempting, but this is not recommended because the leftovers could be old and moldy. Additionally, it may be unwise to mix the new food with old food in case the leftovers are contaminated.

Keep It Dry.

Mold loves moisture, so your pet kibble should always be kept dry. Although some pet owners like to soak their pet food to soften it up for their growing pups or older pets with dental issues, any leftover food should be discarded the next day because of the health hazards that can come from mold and other bacteria growth.

Wash Your Hands.

It’s a good idea to wash your hands before serving your dog his meal. Tiny bacteria, mould spores, and even pest eggs can be left on your hand when you handle dry food and easily fall into the dog food bowl as you feed.

Use a Scoop.

Using different cooking methods can help prevent pot food from becoming contaminated. Try using a scoop to fill your dog’s bowl to avoid extra bacteria spreading into the food during the scooping process. This way, you can measure precisely how much food your bowl needs and prevent over-feeding.

Dog Food Dispensers.

how long will dry dog food last once opened
how long will dry dog food last once opened

Dog food dispensers are a very convenient way to feed your dog, especially if you’re away from home. However, the machine is also susceptible to bacteria and mold. If you use one of these machines, it’s important to only fill it with your dog’s daily allowance of food and throw any extra kibble away at the end of every day. The machine then needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Final Thoughts About How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last.

For a dog to live healthy and happy, they need good quality food; stored appropriately. It is necessary to keep your dog’s food properly because if you don’t do it with care, it’ll rot and become unappetizing and unhealthy for them. Make sure you follow these guidelines to keep your pup well-fed and fit as a fiddle