What Brand of Yogurt is Good for Dogs? 5 Best Yogurts for Dogs in 2023 .

In addition to being healthy for people, Yogurt is also excellent for our furry best companions. So, if you ever find yourself eating yogurt and your dog starts giving you those adorable looks, you can feel comfortable giving them some. As long as your veterinarian gives you the all-clear, Yogurt is good for dogs giving your dog healthy snacks is strongly recommended.

We’ll let you know which yogurt brands are ideal for dogs and the best advantages your dog may gain from eating them. To learn more, keep reading.

Yogurt’s Health Benefits for Dogs:

We have already gone to great lengths on the health advantages of probiotics for your dog. Yogurt is one of the best foods with a lot of probiotics. Additionally, it contains a lot of calcium and offers a lot of protein. If you know the answer “is yogurt is good for the dog,” you have to explore more advantages of Yogurt for your dog, including the following:

  • Improved immunological response
  • Regulated cholesterol and a healthy digestion
  • The more wholesome immune system

Antioxidants and good vitamins for your dog’s immune system are abundant in live Yogurt. Their immune system can be strengthened and improved with a regular serving of Yogurt.

Two probiotics are also included in live Yogurt. Lactobacillus and Bifid bacterium probiotics can improve your dog’s resistance to infection and speed up its recovery.

The numerous advantages of probiotics and prebiotics for dogs have already been covered. Yogurt is, fortunately, one of the best sources of probiotics.

Control and digestion in balance:

What Brand of Yogurt is Good for Dogs

Yogurt’s probiotics can assist your dog’s digestion. When a dog has diarrhea, veterinarians frequently advise giving them Yogurt in addition to certain medications to hasten their recovery.

Including Yogurt in your dog’s diet daily can assist if they have stomach discomfort frequently. We’ll go into more detail about the various methods you can give your dog Yogurt later in this blog.

Regulated cholesterol:

Not only humans must monitor their cholesterol levels. Additionally, we must be cautious about our dog’s cholesterol levels.

Heart attacks, circulation troubles, and hemorrhages are just a few of the significant health problems that high cholesterol levels or hyperlipidemia in dogs can cause. High levels of total cholesterol in dogs can be controlled and reduced using Yogurt.

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Which Yogurt Brand Is Safe for Dogs?

Choosing the best yogurt brand for your dog can be challenging, especially since most yogurts are created for human consumption. However, several manufacturers of dog treats have included Yogurt in their bite-sized snacks for canines.

What brand of Yogurt is good for dogs?  But if you’re seeking authentic Yogurt that you can give to your dogs, we’ve put together a list of the top dog yogurt companies. Look them up

Several yogurt brands are excellent for all dog breeds; here is the five best Yogurt for dogs; we list some of the top options.

Seven stars yogurt

  • 365 organic Greek yogurt
  • Chobani nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Siggi’s whole milk yogurt
  • Happy belly Greek Yogurt

Happy Belly Greek Yogurt:

Happy Belly Greek Yogurt tops our list of the five best Yogurt for dogs. “Happy belly Greek yogurt” is excellent for introducing Yogurt to your dog’s diet because it is reasonably priced. Grade nonfat milk is used exclusively to make the 5.3-ounce cups.


5.3-ounce cups in a small size for convenience

  • Made from a single component (nonfat milk)
  • protein-rich inexpensive snack
  • A small container is simpler to transport.

However, the following are some advantages and disadvantages of “Happy belly Greek yogurt”.


  • The small container is perfect for testing whether or not your dog would like this Yogurt.
  • Each serving of nonfat Yogurt contains 15 grams of protein and is made only from milk.


This Yogurt doesn’t contain any other active cultures.

Siggi’s Whole Milk Yogurt:

Siggi’s Whole Milk Yogurt is number two in the five best Yogurt for dogs.

Whole milk is used to make this Yogurt from Siggi’s, giving it an incredibly thick, creamy texture. Each serving of the yogurt has 25 grams of protein and five active probiotic cultures.


  • Most dogs adore the creamy consistency of thick, whole milk yogurt.
  • The protein content per serving is 25 grams.
  • Five live cultures are present in Yogurt.
  • Large 1.5-pound containers of non-GMO Yogurt are available.


  • Some dogs may prefer the viscosity of whole milk yogurt because it is noticeably thicker.
  • With 25 grams of protein per serving, Yogurt is a protein powerhouse.


This Yogurt is fatter than alternative yogurt varieties.

Chobani Non-Greek Yogurt:

Which Yogurt Brand Is Safe for Dogs

Chobani Non-Greek Yogurt name comes in the five best Yogurt for dogs.

While avoiding “diet” or “light” yogurt varieties is vital since they could include artificial sweeteners that are poisonous to dogs, low-fat Yogurt can be the best option for puppies with weight issues. If your dog wants protein without all the fat, try this low-fat Yogurt from Chobani.


  • Unsweetened, plain Greek Yogurt
  • Protein content per serving of 19 grams
  • Processed with added cultures from the nonfat milk
  • Yogurt without added additives that is non-GMO
  • Large yogurt container, 2 pounds


For puppies, a thick, creamy texture is ideal.

  • Excellent Greek yogurt substitute for overweight dogs


Because it is a low-fat product, some consumers observed that this Greek yogurt was thinner than other Greek alternatives.

365 Organic Greek Yogurt:

An excellent plain yogurt alternative at a reasonable price is this organic Greek Yogurt from 365 by Whole Foods. It is a healthy choice that will make your dog’s tail wag because it has no fat and 16 grams of protein.

When you find the answer to this question, “what brand of yogurt is good for dogs.” You can find 365 Organic Greek Yogurt in the response.


  • 2 pounds of nonfat milk-based, organic Greek Yogurt
  • Includes five distinct, living cultures
  • 16 grams of protein per serving
  • A reasonable price for unadulterated Greek Yogurt


  • Customers praised the Yogurt’s consistent quality and texture.
  • There are five active cultures in organic Yogurt.


Although it might have a thinner texture than other Greek yogurt options because it’s made from nonfat milk.

  • Some dogs might not love it as much; this Yogurt received very few negative ratings.

Seven Stars Yogurt:

Seven Stars Yogurt covers the answer to the question, “what brand of yogurt is good for dogs.”

This ordinary Yogurt from Seven Stars Dairy is the next best thing if you can’t locate a suitable Greek yogurt choice for your four-footer.


Choice of organic, non-GMO Yogurt

  • The big 2-pound carton of Yogurt is included.
  • Each serving of plain Yogurt contains 8 grams of protein.
  • Probiotics that have been added and active cultures enhance canine digestion.


  • The consistent quality of this Yogurt impressed consumers.
  • Probiotics


This Yogurt naturally develops a “cream line” or gathering of cream near the top of the product. A different texture may be preferred by some dogs, even though you can add this to change consistency.

Above all, the answer to the question “what brand of yogurt is good for dogs” Yogurt has everything your dog may need.


Is Yogurt Safe for Dogs?

Yogurt is Good for Dogs

“Is yogurt safe for dogs?” It would help if you occasionally give your dog Yogurt as a treat. They will savor the delicious treat and gain a host of fantastic health advantages, like boosting immunity and digestion that is in balance.

The next time you buy Yogurt, think about getting a nonfat plain Greek yogurt so you may give some to your dog as well. Yogurt can bring you two closer together while also improving your health.

Which probiotic Yogurt is the best for dogs?

Whey collected from the yogurt-making process is used to thicken Greek Yogurt. It indicates that it has more protein, which is crucial for dogs’ health. As well as being high in calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, salt, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and vitamin B6.

Which Yogurt is beneficial for dogs with stomach aches?

We advise Greek yogurt because it has the probiotics and beneficial flora your pet needs to keep their digestive systems in good shape. Additionally, compared to other yogurt variants, this has far fewer sugar molecules. It is one of the quickest and healthiest ways to restore the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s body and keep him healthy.


Greek Yogurt is a fantastic food to give your pets every day. They are kept healthy by the probiotic bacteria, which may also aid with allergies. Just be mindful of how much you give them because it will take some time for the Yogurt to pass through their digestive tract, especially if they are small puppies. Consult your veterinarian if you want to know the answer to the question “Is yogurt safe for dogs” or if you have any concerns about giving Greek Yogurt to your pet or suspect that your pet has a milk or cow’s milk allergy.