Why Do Dogs Kick Their Food Over?

When dealing with messy eaters in our family dogs, the best way to handle it is to put their food bowls on a hard floor. The most common option may be hardwood. Once their delicious food is scattered across your clean floors, you should worry less about what they are doing, so try to find out why dogs kick their food ?  Can you stop them from messing up your clean floors?

The root of the Dogs  Behavior .

Dogs who are domesticated does not follow the same habits and behaviors as their wild counterparts. Pet dogs don’t search for their meals they eat what they get a few times a day, and most do not mind what they receive.
Some may find themselves with a food preference issue, often related to the type of food or how it was prepared. When you have more than one dog, you’ll find that many of them feel just fine leaving their bowl throughout the house uneaten, while others cannot resist tasting any free food they can get their paws on. When this happens, it’s likely a dog is feeling competitive towards his companion.

Dog require space and privacy:

Some are more territorial while eating and, as a result, may feel stressed out if all eyes are on them. This is especially true of those who may be used to eating in a less exposed area of the house, such as a back room or in an unused utility room. This can also apply to multiple dogs, especially if you have only one dog and happen to live in an apartment where dogs sharing an apartment with others face not just the stress of being seen by strangers roaming below but having their food bowl in such a high traffic area as well!

The most important thing about feeding your dog is that he/she gets adequate rest during mealtime; so if you’re living in an apartment building or dorm setting, it’s helpful to see what’s available on campus with regards to where one can go and feed their dog on any given day.
It might also be a problem with the bowl itself, as some dogs don’t feel comfortable having their whiskers touch the sides of their dish when they eat. It could even be that the bowl doesn’t feel suitable to your dog if the previous owner or another dog left any scent on it.

You can try changing to a broader or flatter dish that doesn’t fit your pup’s whiskers and see if that helps reduce your dog from knocking it over. Another possibility is that the sound of their food moving around in the bowl while they eat causes them anxiety.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Food:

Metal bowls are significantly louder and more audible than plastic bowls. This can be incredibly frustrating if you have a dog who is so hungry that it cannot seem to sit still while you feed them. If your dog’s behavior has suddenly changed – eating messier than he used to – and it seems like there’s about as much food on the floor as inside his bowl, don’t get too discouraged. Before considering other options, why not switch back to a less noisy bowl (in this case, it would probably be best off being a plastic one) to see if that makes things easier for your pup during mealtime?

Try moving your dog’s bowl to a quieter location or one that is further away from bowls shared by other pets. If privacy isn’t an issue, you could consider non-skid dog bowls, which could help move your dog’s bowl to a more tranquil location or a bit further from the bowls of other pets. It is also possible to test non-skid bowls for your dog.

Dog food to Digest

They come with bases that are designed to prevent sliding. Some pet owners succeed with raised dog bowls, so if your dog is tall, this may work best for them. There are rubber mats available for dogs which can minimize clean-up efforts and minimize the likelihood of bowls being scooted around when Fido comes to eat.

If you own a used or shared dog bowl, think about purchasing a separate or new food bowl. Most dogs dislike sharing food or space, and shared bowls for dogs use both. Clean bowls using soaps that are not scented or, better still, replace the bowls with new ones.
If your bowl is a used one or plastic, it may not hold up to your dog’s entertaining spills and tricks. Consider buying some durable ceramic alternatives instead! Plastic bowls are not very convincing because dogs want their own space with their cup.

Suppose you notice that your dog  kick their food , and it isn’t enjoyable. In that case, he needs a new one as soon as possible because continuing to let him use his old scummy one with permanently reused food inside is disgusting! Remember, if you’re training him not to tip over the bowl, you don’t want to discipline him for doing something he can’t control.

It was my experience teaching our two Labs not to do this by inviting them over every time they tipped over their bowls, thus distracting them from the fact that they had lost eating privileges temporarily.

They don’t understand that you do not like the mess or what they did that warrants the criticism. Instead, consider why your dog is dumping their bowl, and consider different options. They do not realize that you are opposed to messy messes or that what they did warrants being scolded. Instead, examine why your dog is scrubbing their bowl and look for other ways to solve the problem.


Dog food to Digest
It’s a good idea to find out why they are doing it in the first place so that you can prevent it from happening again in the future. It could be because of health issues like constipation or a toothache; maybe they are just too hungry and need more food while eating.

You can try switching to a top-quality dog food brand with stimulant ingredients like bacon. I recommend Baneful personally because it shouldn’t matter how many times your meal is refilled if the flavor and variety aren’t up to snuff – perhaps your dog doesn’t want to eat anymore and is instead throwing their bowl around as an expression of dissatisfaction or just playfulness – whatever the reason, it’s vital that no harm comes of such tomfoolery!

Make sure they have trained accordingly. It is also advisable to visit a vet to ensure your dog is healthy.

Conclusion :

Your dog doesn’t enjoy cleaning up messes, either. Like any other family member, they want the best possible life they can lead and naturally want to be happy. You need to take some time out of each day to get to know them and understand how much joy a dog mainly derives by simply having you give them your attention! A simple pat on the head as thanks or checking in with them after work will work wonders for your relationship .