How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food ?

The dog’s diet is notoriously messy, and the food that remains on your floors can draw unwanted guests. Nearly every dog owner has encountered how to keep ants out of dog food, and it could be a hugely stressful issue to manage otherwise , your dog kick his food because it could upset their tummies

In addition, opening an expensive container of dog food and discovering the food contaminated with ants can be even more annoying. Fortunately, storing pet food and ensuring it’s safe from ants over the long haul is easy, and the short-term issue with ants is complex.

There are quick and simple ways to keep pets safe from ants in their food without using harmful pesticides.

Here we have 9 Easy tricks to Keep Ants away from dog food.

Keep your dog’s bowl in spotless condition :

Ants will be attracted by any bite or crumb of food they locate. Even when your dog has consumed all of its food, there might be the scent of food or tasty treats. Make sure you clean your dog’s bowl after each meal and tidy up the area where they eat to reduce the attraction to insects.

Food for dogs should be kept in sealed containers :

If ants have gotten into your dry pet food, using a container made of plastic with a tight and secure lid is the ideal choice, but it was much more difficult to seal it and keep ants out of dog food. It is recommended to transfer it into a clean plastic storage bin or container with a secure lid to keep ants out of dog food

Dog food to Digest

Barrier to water :

Ants can’t swim, so creating a moat around the dog’s food is an excellent method to keep ants away. It is possible to use dishes made of aluminum that are bigger than your dog’s bowl, and make sure to fill them with water; around an inch is sufficient. Place your dog’s bowl in the middle to create an ant-proof, impromptu moat!

Petroleum jelly :

Petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, is dense and slippery, and applying a thin layer over your dog’s bowl or food container can keep ants off the track. This could get messy, but you should put it in the base of the bowl to avoid ingesting it. But, it’s only an interim solution until you invest in more long-term solutions.

Sticky tape :

sticky or double-sided tape placed on the bowl’s bottom or food bowl creates a barrier, similar to Vaseline or sometimes even drinking water. Ants can’t pass through the tape, so they can’t enter the food your dog consumes. The tape is eventually going to get dirty and will need to be replaced often. It is more of a temporary fix to Diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth :

Diatomaceous earth that is food-grade is a standard pest control measure. The tiny bits of sedimentary rock look like fine powder, but they are sharp and irregular in shape, and any animal who ingests them is likely to die shortly after eating them. It’s cheap and easy to locate, and more important, it’s safe to be around your pet. Sprinkle it on your pet’s food bowl to keep ants out of dog foods.

Tea tree oil :

This oil makes a fantastic natural insect repellant. Combine three to five drops of some water using a spray bottle and then lightly spray your pet’s food area (not on the bowl), and ants will be kept away. Be aware of the fact that tea tree oils consumed in large quantities can cause harm to dogs. Therefore, spray your area only whenever your dog isn’t at home and keep the spray to an absolute low level. We suggest diluting it with a significant amount of water, reducing the risk for your dog and to to keep ants out of dog food .

Anti-ant bowl :

Many great bowls are in the market today designed to keep ants away. Specific bowls have a moat that is built-in to hold water. However, they aren’t always clean. We like our “floating” stainless-steel anti-ant bowls, which open your dog’s bowl and the floor, making it difficult for ants to climb over and down inside.

How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food

Dish soap spray :

Dish soap mixed in the spray bottle and water can also be an excellent repellent for ants. Mix equal amounts of water and dish soap, spray all over your dog’s eating area, or spray directly onto the ants. Ants breathe through joints, and sprinkling them with soapy water can make them feel suffocated. Make sure to do this when your pet isn’t around and keep it in the food dish .